Our Story

Sean’s Place has been established due to losing my brother Sean in 2019 who was just 34 years old after a long battle with mental health. Sean was the most amazing person who was kind and caring, hilarious without meaning to be and loved by so many. However, despite all of this, Sean struggled with his confidence and self-esteem and became socially isolated which contributed to his mental health becoming increasingly worse. Whilst counselling and medication were prescribed to help reduce the symptoms of his illness, it didn’t tackle the social issues of loneliness, not having anyone who fully could understand how he was feeling or have the opportunity to talk about his mental health with others who were feeling experiencing the same. Upon searching for something that he could access there were always barriers such as his age, costs or lengthy waiting lists.

There are so many other men who feel this way in the community which is why I took  the steps to create my own service that has everything I was looking for to support Sean. I will now provide this service, in Sean’s memory, to help others.

Thank you for the continued support.

Debbie x

CEO and Founder of Sean’s Place

Our Ambassador

TV’s Emma Kenny chose to support Sean’s Place as she is passionate about creating proactive support in the prevention of suicide and poor mental health. Emma is the resident psychologist on ITV’s This Morning, a regular host on BBC radio 1 and Scala radio plus Closer magazine’s Life Columnist .Emma uses her platform to offer expert advice and guidance to viewers and listeners.

As our Ambassador, Emma will provide workshops for those who access our service and will support us in research and training that will be used to inform, educate and empower others to support those around them with their mental health.

Thank you to Emma for taking the time to support us and for sharing her knowledge with us to inspire, educate and develop the service we provide.

Our Clincal Ambassador

Dr Umesh Prabhu will be sharing his expertise and experience with us to help strengthen the support we provide.
Dr Umesh Prabhu has spent his career fighting to improve patient safety, he believes that interventions in the community are important to support those struggling with mental illness which is why he has pledged his support to Sean’s Place.
Dr Umesh Prabhu became a Consultant Paediatrician (1992-2010), Clinical Director of Paediatrics (1992-1998), Medical Director of Bury NHS Trust (1998-2003), Board Member of UK National Patient Safety Agency (2001-2003), National Adviser to the National Clinical Assessment Service UK (2003-2015), Medical Director of Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh FT (2010-2016). He was nominated twice as the top 50 most influential Indian leader of the NHS and in 2017 he received Lifetime Achievement Award for patient safety work.


Our Reason Why

We are determined to use Sean’s story to prevent men feeling like they have no alternative but to take their own life, With waiting lists for mental health services increasing and male suicide at an all time high we want to ensure that men have a safe, non judgemental environment to improve their mental health whilst challenging the stigma and breaking down barriers for men across Sefton.


  • Just over three out of four suicides (76%) are men, with suicide the biggest
    cause of death for men under 35.
  • Men have measurably lower access to the social support of friends, relatives and community.
  • Mental Health resulted in 72 million work days lost per year
  • 70-75% of people with diagnosed with a mental health condition receive no treatment at

Our Mission

Sean’s Place will provide practical proactive mental health support to men in Sefton who are experiencing poor mental health and isolation. We believe suicide is preventable therefor we will challenge the stigma around male mental health and evidence that in the right space, men do talk and the impact talking has in preventing poor mental health.

 Our Aim

Create a non-judgemental and welcoming environment that encourages positive discussions around mental health

Provide a practical programme where outcomes include improved confidence and hope for the future

Encourage personal development and goal setting through workshops, training, group support and individual opportunities

Provide opportunities for members to have a voice and use their lived experience to help others through mentoring and steering groups to help shape the organisation

Share awareness through support to organisations and families to ensure the support we provide is continued in the community through positive open discussions around mental illness as well practical solutions when faced with a mental health concern.

Get in touch


If you would like to access support, please complete a self referral form or send us a message via our Access Support page.


If you would like to make a referral on behalf of someone else or you are a medical professional looking to refer someone in your care to us please complete the organisational referral form also found on our Access Support page 


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Need Urgent Support?

Please visit our Access Support Page for more information about who we can support and how you can access our service.

If you are experiencing intense suicidal thoughts or need urgent support call 999 or attend your nearest A and E department to access professional help.