Autumn Round-Up!

We have been able to support over 250 men since August 2022 and we are so pleased to be able to showcase our highlights of the past three months!

Find out more about what we have been up to at Sean’s Place below…

Our Therapeutic Groups…

Our first brand new Men’s Bereavement Support Group in collaboration with Love Jasmine has been a key highlight of the past few weeks! This programme is for any men who have been impacted by a bereavement to reduce any stress, depression and anxiety whilst being part of a dedicated group aimed at understanding their experiences of grief and loss. The first sessions have been so successful so far and our members have took so much from even the first few hours of support. We are looking forward to the next few weeks of our lovely new group!

As well as this, our Sean’s Place team have worked so hard to continue to run two incredible hypnotherapy based programmes which have received fantastic feedback so far!

Our wonderful RADS programmes (aimed at Reducing Anxiety, Depression and Stress) and our Family Support Network have provided essential support to both our members and their families over the past couple of months. 

These are guided relaxing and soothing sessions where our members and their families are able to learn new coping techniques and build emotional strength. 

Both programmes have had such amazing results, as we can see that depression and anxiety scores of attendees significantly decreased in just three weeks of support provided which is fantastic news!

Our Social Support…

Man2Man Programme

Our fantastic Man2Man programme, created in partnership with the LFC Foundation, has been a huge hit for our members over the past 10 weeks!
This programme has a range of activities and wellbeing sessions to suit everyone.
Sessions this time around have included team building exercises, spoken word, poem writing and many more. Our members are often able to spend this time reflecting on their past selves and creating new ways to move forward and progress in their journey. 
Our members have also enjoyed some amazing days out including the
Liverpool Legends vs Manchester United Legends game!!

Mandy's Feel Good Food

We are so proud to announce that our new cookery programme, Feel Good Food, has been a huge hit with our members! Over the past 4 weeks, our members have learned to create new delicious new dishes and have been able to take away our recipes to put their skills in to action at home! 
During this course, our members have been learning how to make fantastic meals including cottage pie, lamb and greek salad wrap with homemade tzaziki sauce some superb pasta dishes. 

Courses & Qualifications

We also want to congratulate our superstars who all completed their Level 1 Qualifications in Alcohol AwarenessSubstance Misuse Awareness & Mental Health Awareness with us here at Sean’s Place! Our members have now gained such great qualifications and made some great new friends along the way. 

Team Training

Our incredible team came together in October to take part in some invaluable Suicide Prevention Training. This was such a lovely opportunity to get most of our incredible team in the same room at the same time to share our experiences and skills that will help to keep our members safe.

Sean’s Place in the community…

We have had so much unbelievable support from the local community which has been absolutely amazing! 

We have already had some superb community members collectively raise over £30,000 for Sean’s Place this year! This has included lots of fun activities such as….
A bike ride from Nice to Rome 
Marathon runs 
Walks up Mount Snowdon
The Three Peaks 24 Hour Challenge
A climb up Mount Kilimanjaro!
As well as this, some of our amazing and inspiring Sean’s Place Members have also raised a substantial amount of money for our service through activities such as…
An abseil down Liverpool Cathedral 
A fundraiser Charity Night
The Three Peaks 24 Hour Challenge
and even a Skydive!!!
The support we have received from individuals in the local area and our incredible members never fails to amaze us! We have lots of fantastic fundraisers planned for the rest of the year too which we will be sure to shout about!! 


On World Mental Health Day, 10th October, we also received some heartwarming feedback from the family of one of our Sean’s Place members which is shared below. We are so blessed to have the support of such wonderful people! 

As a most wonderful person said to me “mental health is not one size fits all.”
This person was Debbie Rogers at Sean’s Place and today gives me another opportunity to say thank you. When long NHS waiting lists, numerous medications and lack of psychology services were not saving my son from what I can only say as the ‘unthinkable’, she was there for all of us.
This photo is of us attending an event at Sean’s Place; my son joined other brave men to talk about their journey on stage between music, food and entertainment also provided by these incredible men.
People who are struggling with mental health can spiral into feeling socially isolated which makes their health increasingly worse. Sean’s Place offers a safe place for men to get social support and therapeutic support in a non-clinical and non-judgmental setting. The warmth and friendliness of the Sean’s Place team saves so many young men from ending up in a dark and lonely place. 
The families of these men are supported too. When I thought I had turned over every stone and made every phone call I could possibly make, pleading for help through the channels known to me; I found what I can only express as, this life-saving team of beautiful people.
Thank you, Sean’s Place


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