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Christmas Edition! 

We are so pleased to be able to showcase our Christmas highlights so far!

Last week, we were lucky enough to be able to host our Sean’s Place Christmas Party 2022 on 15th December which gave our members the chance to have some fun and enjoy the festive season!
This included live music from our very own Sean’s Place band, a Christmas Quiz, lots of festive games & raffle prizes, our Christmas Buffet and a time to showcase how proud we are of every man who reaches out for our support. 

Please see below our Christmas highlights!

Our Christmas Party kicked off with some lovely words from our founder, Debbie, who highlighted what Sean’s Place means to us all. For those who were unable to make our Christmas Party, Debbie’s words are shown below…

“This year we have been overwhelmed with what we have achieved at Sean’s Place. Not only have we won a few awards but we have become leaders in how mental health support should be delivered, not just in Sefton but across the country. However, nothing has been more wonderful than what has been happening right here in this building.

For many, this year will have brought some of the biggest challenges of their lives and we are so glad we could support them through this and provide hope again for the future.

For others, this year has given the most amazing opportunities and experiences and we have been so proud to see those guys thrive with their new confidence to live life to the fullest again. 

We have enjoyed seeing some of our members create new friendships and become part of our Sean’s Place family- whether that means getting involved with Ian’s rants about Boris on a Friday night, fighting over the comfiest chair in the lounge, taking the mickey out of my tea making skills or simply offering someone a lift home after a session at Sean’s Place.

We have proudly watched our babies of the group bloom either by successfully starting university and trusting themselves that they are capable of more than they ever believed they could be! Or sharing their lived experience to encourage others to get the help they need at the earliest opportunity.  We could not be prouder!

Sean’s Place began in a dance studio 8 hour a week- this year we moved into our very own building and are open 6 days and 6 nights a week. Although it was hard for some to adapt to the new building, we have supported over 780 men this year alone which is triple that from last year! I said if I could help 1 man to find a reason for living again then Sean has not died for nothing. Now we have supported nearly 2,000 men in just 3 years!

None of this would have been possible without our incredible team. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to making support free and immediate that people don’t get to see but this is not just a workplace to us. This is a place where we genuinely care about every single person who comes through our door and we will ensure that we deliver the best service we can to make life better for men in our community.”

We then all got involved in a hilarious Christmas Quiz with lots of lovely food too! A huge well done to Table Vixen for winning our quiz through a very intense tie-breaker question! 

Seeing our members in their best festive outfits absolutely made our night! Especially, our wonderful Tom, who was able to make it to Sean’s Place all the way from Santa’s Workshop…

Towards the end of our evening, we wanted to take the time to show how proud we are of our Sean’s Place members and ensure that they know how appreciated they are! 
We are so proud of each man who reaches out for support however we wanted to highlight the special moments across the year and give some specific members special 
awards to showcase how fantastic they are.
Our awards were based around our values here at Sean’s Place! We are so proud to announce the winners of our awards below… 

Well done to all of our Sean’s Place Award Winners:

Positivity Award – Ryan S & Connor S 
Courage Award – Colin F & Martin M 
Kindness Award – Stan K 
Hope Award – Rob B 
Aspiration Award – Brandon S 
Outstanding Achievement Award – Nic P
Contribution to Sean’s Place Award – Michael S 
Performer of the Year Award – Paul S 
Legacy Award – John Mc

We are so proud of you all! 

Our wonderful course facilitator, Tess, also took the time to celebrate our members who worked so hard to achieve their Level 1 qualifications in a wide variety of topics, including Alcohol Awareness, Stress Awareness, Mentoring and many more. Tess was able to invite lots of our members to the stage to present them with their well earned certificates! 

Our Party come to a close with our Sean’s Place Band playing Christmas Classics and everyone having a boogie together! This was such a lovely & heartwarming evening to celebrate Christmas together as one big family. Thank you so much to everyone for making it so special.

Below we have listed our Opening Hours during the festive period. We understand that Christmas can be a really difficult time for a lot of our members which is why we are opening our centre on Christmas Day for a catch-up and check in! 
We are also open 10am-2pm Wednesday 28th December for a therapeutic drop-in where members are more than welcome to come and have a chat with our therapist if they need some extra support during this period. 
Sean’s Place is back open as usual from Tuesday 3rd January 2023! 

Thank you for being a part of our Sean’s Place family, we hope you have an amazing Christmas and New Year filled with love and happiness! 

If you would like more information, please get in touch! We would love to welcome you to Sean’s Place. 

We wanted to say again a HUGE thank you to all of our incredible fundraisers, sponsors, funders and team who donate their time and help to change lives at Sean’s Place- we can’t wait for the new year ahead and the magic we’ll create together. 


If you would like to find out more about what we get up to in our program’s including day trips, events, stories of hope, photographs of our sessions- please check out our social media pages and follow us to keep updated on the latest news.
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