Cookery Classes

Cookery sessions are delivered by our resident chef James Capper. Each week, James supports our members to create delicious dishes that are restaurant worthy taken form our very own cook book. The members are each given preparation tasks to do which contributes to the dish being cooked. Once the food is ready its time to taste.

All members are invited to share the food together knowing exactly what ingredients are in the food and the method which was used to cook it. It is not always about the cooking though, it is the conversations and the laughter that happens in the kitchen that makes this session so special. Whilst sessions are fun and engaging they are also informative and supportive to help those who attend feel confident to continue their learning at home.

Mental health experts have suggested that cooking helps to relieve depression, anxiety, eating disorders and other conditions. Used as a therapy tool, Sean’s Place have experienced numerous quality sessions where we’ve seen men bonding in team activities. Many friendships have been started through these sessions that we run and we’re encouraging more people to get involved.

Why does cooking help mental health?

Cookery sessions provide opportunities to experience a wide range of benefits. As well as meeting new people and building new friendships, here are a few other benefits for your mental health:

  • Helps you to become more mindful.
  • Helps to stimulate your brain.
  • Helps to bring more joy.
  • Helps contribute to healthier diet.
  • Helps to improve social skills.

Contact Sean’s Place

At Sean’s Place our aim is to improve mental health and well-being through sessions specifically identified to improve confidence and self-esteem whilst reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety. Cookery is just one of our many sessions that are solution-focused and aim to improve or at least reduce mental health symptoms. If you’re interested in coming down and seeing what Sean’s place has to offer, please get in touch with us today by visiting our contact form.