Guitar Lessons

Here at Sean’s Place, another activity we provide for our members is guitar lessons. Guitar lessons are with with our instructor Neil and these sessions are suitable for beginners and for also those who simply want to come along and play.  Sessions include learning chords, strumming techniques, following music scores and putting chords together to create new songs.  Sessions are relaxing, fun and supportive.


Guitar playing is a great way to create space between an individual and their busy mind.  It also improves confidence through learning new skills and has  benefits to overall well-being and mental health, including helping you develop a greater sense of personal achievement.



Why Does Guitar Playing Help Mental Health?

Guitar playing has some surprising benefits when it comes to improving mental health and looking after your overall well-being.  Playing the guitar is seen as a form of therapy to many and an opportunity to reduce stress.  Due to the therapeutic nature of guitar playing, it naturally lowers cortisol hormones and helps you to feel more relaxed, engaged and in the moment.

Furthermore, it’s a fantastic way of expressing your feelings through music and not so much in spoken words. We strongly recommend being open in our safe and supportive bubble. However, if you’re not quite ready, guitar playing and music can be the closest next best thing. Further benefits of taking part in our guitar lessons include:

  • Improves creativity lessons.
  • Improves brain health.
  • Strengthens physical coordination.
  • Helps to boost confidence.
  • Encourages social interaction.


Contact Sean’s Place

All sessions at Sean’s Place have been chosen due to their ability to improve confidence and self-esteem, whilst reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety. During the sessions you will learn techniques that can support you at home and in the workplace, additionally, you will learn new skills and connect with others as sessions can be delivered as group sessions or one-to-one if required. To get involved in our guitar lessons and book onto a session, please call us directly today or use our contact form.