Sean's Place

New home, New Beginnings

Our Story

Our new home will ensure that support is available to men in our community when they need it most, right in the heart of our community.

We have our very own home!! We recently signed a lease on this beautiful building to ensure we can provide more services and support to more men with their mental health needs.

This has been a huge moment for us and we couldn’t wait to share it with the world.

This venue is right in the heart of the high street making accessing mental health support as normal and as accessible as going to the shops.

Previously a betting shop, this also brings personal reasons for this venue being so special as Sean had a gambling addiction that contributed to his worsening mental health. Our founder Debbie says, “to turn something that brought such negativity to my brothers life into something so positive in his name is overwhelming but so needed. Sean always wanted to help others and now he is in so many ways”

We cant wait to fill this place with people, music, hope and memories.

Thanks for all the continued support from those around us. Here is to the future of Sean’s Place 💙

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