Exciting new programmes we are back!

Lockdown meant that some of our face2face sessions were took online and some needed to be put on hold. However now restrictions are lifting we are delighted to be back doing what we do best,

This we we began our new programmes which include : 

“Healthy Hearts, Healthy Minds” a 6 week programme, funded by Onward Homes, that educates participants about nutrition, how to use ingredients to meal prep, cookery tips and tricks as well as cooking on a budget. This week we made curried Squash, Coconut and Spinach Soup. Everyone who completed the programme will also recieve AQA qualifications.

“Welcome to Wellbeing” is also AQA accredited and will introduce participants to the importance of self care and giving back to others. This programme will introduce new skills, relaxations techniques, physical exercise and volunteering within the community. This week we created gifts that were delivered to our new neighbours around Bootle Strand where our members also delivered leaflets that informed locals of our service, next week we will enjoy 1 hour of meditation through sound bathing.

“Think Differently” is our new mental health programme, designed to support our members to talk openly about mental health whiclst providing effecitive tools that can be used outside of Sean’s Place- this week we introduced journalling and how spending 5 minutes journalling each morning can be a  small change that can positivley impact the day. This porgramme will also look at evidence based effective tools such as twisted thinking, circle of concern and the Jahari window,

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