February Round-Up!

We are so pleased to be able to showcase our highlights of February 2023!

Find out more about what we have been up to at Sean’s Place below…

Please see below our Sean’s Place News & Events February 2023! 

We been able to accept over 150 new Sean’s Place referrals this month, as well as supporting our existing members and we are looking forward to continuing this support throughout March! 

Thank you for being ‘In This Together‘ with us! 

Sean’s Place Stories…

One of our lovely members at Sean’s Place, Michael, recently completed training in media and wanted to use his new skills to share his experience of accessing support. Michael has asked his friends to join him in answering some questions on video to encourage other men to also feel able to reach out for help. In each video they talk about what makes Sean’s Place special to them. We are so proud of Michael and all our amazing members in each video.

Our Sean’s Place Stories can also be accessed via our YouTube channel & website! We would love you to check out our latest episode!

February Highlights…

Andy Burnham and Steve Rotherham come to Sean’s Place!

We had such an unbelievably proud moment for us all at Sean’s Place this month to welcome Andy Burnham and Steve Rotherham (the Mayor of Manchester and Metro Mayor of Liverpool City Region) to Sean’s Place! 
They were both incredible sports speaking to our members about their journeys and also jamming in our band. It was an absolute honour to host them and have them be a part of our Sean’s Place Family for the afternoon. 

Momentum Programme

 Our 3 incredible mentors piloted their new programme Momentum at Sean’s Place, which is part of their new venture: Pendulum Growth.

If your workplace or support group is looking for an innovative new mental health workshop please get in touch so that we can put you in contact with Tom, Paul & Mark. Huge well done to everyone who spent the day with us. 

Yoga & Mindfulness

We are loving continuing our fabulous Yoga & Mindfulness sessions throughout this month. These sessions take place every Friday morning and they are our favourite way to end the week! Our yoga is fully accessible and guys of all abilities are able to take part so if you are interested then please get in touch and give it a go!

Steering Group Workshop

We had a really productive day at the start of February with 21 of our members attending our Steering Group Workshop to help us to shape Sean’s Place around what is important to them. It is so vital to us that we make sure that everything we do here has our members interests at heart so we loved hearing lots of amazing feedback and some brilliant ideas to take forward with us. Thank you so much everyone who attended and gave us your thoughts! 

We love recieving our members feedback and we wanted to highlight this wonderful testimonial that we received from one of our new members . Please take a look below…

It has taken me 1 year to come to Sean’s Place, reason being was I wasn’t ready to go at the time. I read about it online – the support and activities they do and the programmes they have. I have now been going for 7 weeks on this Wednesday coming. It is a great place to meet new people, to interact and to talk about problems. As the saying is ‘IN THIS TOGETHER’ it is a safe place to go to and I cannot recommend Sean’s Place enough, it is a great place safe place you go to… if you are suffering with mental health problems this is the place to go to guys speak up reach out we are all in this together. It is such a huge weight off my shoulders” 

- L - Sean's Place Member

Team Training

On the first week of each month, we take the opportunity to get our team together in some invaluable Team Training. This month, the team took part in Trauma Awareness training. This helped us be able to gain further insight into how trauma can effect the lives of our members and how we can support them the best we can. Well done to our team who gave up their time to expand their knowledge and for engaging so well in the session!

Therapeutic Groups

 We have also had amazing continued success with our members therapeutic groups this month! This includes our Bereavement Group, our RADS Hypnotherapy Group.

Both therapeutic groups have made such a difference to reducing the anxiety, stress and depression of our members
Take a look at some of the feedback we have received since the start of 2023 above…

Additional Support

Do you support a loved one who is struggling with their mental health, did you know that support is also available for you too?

Please take a look at our web page or email georgia@seansplace.org.uk for more information on our Family Support Network

  • This is a non judgmental support group for families who support a loved one with mental health concerns. Your loved one does not have to attend Sean’s Place.
  • You will also receive hypnotherapy to help reduce your stress levels and aid with improved sleep.
  • In week 4 you will also receive suicide prevention training to help you support your loved one at home (optional).
  • The course is completely free!
Here is what our previous families said about our programme…
  • “ I liked how I was able to talk about how I was feeling without being judged.” 
  • “I enjoy being able to have 2 hours where I don’t have to take on everyone else’s worries”
  • “I always sleep better after this group and it is so comforting to know that I am not alone and I can use these skills at home” 
  • “It is teaching me how to relax and concentrate on my own mental health and it has been so helpful to use the coping mechanisms I have been taught.”
Email georgia@seansplace.org.uk to book on!


Sean’s Place in the Community…

Steve Morgan Foundation

We have some incredible news to share!
After months of spinning plates and hoping for some positive funding news the wonderful
Steve Morgan Foundation have agreed to grant us £96,000 over 3 years to enable us to continue to provide free and immediate access to support for men in our community.
We are absolutely delighted and want to thank the team at The Steve Morgan Foundation for believing in us! 

Andy's Smile

This month, we were visited by the wonderful Nikki and Julie from Andy’s Smile who surprised us with a donation of an incredible £12,500. We are completely overwhelmed and so grateful for this support! 

Mount Kilimanjaro

We have also had so much unbelievable support from the local community already this year which has been absolutely amazing!

We had another brilliant & brave fundraiser, Ian, who tackled the climb up Mount Kilimanjaro on 24th February to raise over £2,000 for Sean’s Place! Well done for making it to the top Ian, you are amazing! 

Comedy Night

 We had a fantastic time supporting our fundraisers from the Super Necessary Podcast on Saturday 4th February for our very own Sean’s Place Comedy Night!  All the proceeds were donated directly to Sean’s Place and the night raised an amazing £750! Thank you James & Kieran for putting in so much effort to create such a great night. 

Upcoming Fundraisers...


We also have lots of fantastic fundraisers planned to take place in March too including a…
  • Sean’s Place Night at the Races
  • Sponsored Snowdon Hike
  • Donations from boxing & meditation sessions during the Holy Month of Ramadan
  • Lots of other fundraising activities from a local women’s golf club
We are honoured that amazing people in our community are willing to go through so much effort to raise money for our service. We are so excited to support our wonderful fundraisers throughout March! 


Have you ever thought about fundraising?

For the last 3 years we have been able to thrive and support more men than ever before because of the absolutely remarkable support from our community.
If you are considering raising money for a charity this year please get in touch. For example, you could climb a mountain, complete a sponsored walk, hold a charity football match or even host a bake sale in work!  We will support you through your fundraiser and keep you updated about how we use your fundraising money to deliver free and immediate access to support for men in our community.

If you are looking to get involved and begin your fundraising journey with Sean’s Place please get in touch with us by emailing georgia@seansplace.org.uk.

We would love to welcome you in to our Sean’s Place family. 

Get Involved!

Do you want to have more confidence this year, meet new friends and have a positive routine? We have lots of free activities and groups available to learn a new skill, start a new hobby or simply have a coffee with likeminded men.
As well as our therapy service we also have lots of informal, fun programmes available!

We have lots of free activities and groups available to learn a new skill, start a new hobby or simply have a coffee with likeminded men.
Why not join us for our fishing group, fitness classes, yoga, mindfulness, gardening group, training courses or cookery classes?
If you would like more information about how you can get involved, please get in touch using our contact info below…

Ready to get involved?

If you are interested in becoming a Sean’s Place Member, please fill in our self-referral form and we will contact you as soon as possible! 

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