What has Sean’s Place been up to?

International Men’s Day

We want to say thank you to every single man who walks through our doors at Sean’s Place for trusting us to help you discover hope again.

Sean’s legacy lives on through the friendships that are created, the kindness you show each other and those moments where you open your heart to us and let us in to support you. We celebrate you everyday.

Culture Club 

Our lads have had a great time at the Merseyside Maritime Museum recently. It is great to get together at a weekend and enjoy new exhibtions. 

Coaching Course

Some of our amazing lads above completed the John Haynes Foundation coaching course recently.

We also have another group who are midway through their mentoring course.

So proud of all of our members who are putting themselves forward for courses. You are all doing amazing and we love to see your all with your smiles and qualifications at the end of all your hard work. 🩵👏

Art Club and Paint Pouring 

Our members were treated to a fabulous paint pouring session with @cheryls_art_project! Cheryl mixes art work and mindfullness, which the lads love. 

Also, in our art club the lads create pieces with the theme  “reframing” and thinking about those things that make life a little sweeter 🧡 well done everyone 🎨

Coffee and Connect

Our coffee and connect sessions are so popular and from these pictures you can see why. This is from a fantastic Friday at Sean’s Place. We all ate homemade Soda bread and soup cookery in today’s cookery class whilst enjoying the best company in Liverpool. These sessions are a great way to start your week and then to get yourself pumped for the weekend all together. 

Fortitude Programme

The guys from Pendulum Growth joined us on a Saturday to deliver their Fortitude programme to some of our members. A brilliant way to spend a Saturday. Well done everyone 🩵

This programme is an exciting day of personal development. The lads learnt to develop skills to improve and prioritise wellbeing, build a plan to protect your mind through tough times, learn that chaos can be embraced and how to do this, understand what works for you as an individual and change your perspective towards struggle. 

Ian Puleston Davies

We are delighted to share that the incredible Ian Puleston Davies is our first ever Patron of Sean’s Place.

Ian has been an actor for forty years – twenty years working in the theatre and twenty years in television. Ian’s most recent television appearances include ‘ ‘Silent witness’ and ‘Maigret’ for the BBC; ‘Marcella’ and ‘Coronation Street’ for ITV; ‘Tin Star’ for Sky television and ‘Pennyworth’ for Warner Television. Plus directing more recently with Bolans Shoes.

Ian is also a Patron for OCD UK as he openly shares his own lived experience of living with OCD, this has given him the passion and commitment to supporting Sean’s Place and we can’t wait to work with him more next year.

Welcome to the Sean’s Place Family 🩵

Sean’s Place in the community

The Hare and Hound raised an amazing £2,906.07 from their chairty night. It was an incredible night and so well organised and the effort made by every single person involved. 

This night was not only a charity night for fun and games and to raise money for Sean’s place but it was to raise awareness about a taboo subject that needs addressing and the Hare and Hound hope they have helped in the chain to gaining further awareness.

Thank you for choosing to support Sean’s Place!

A member of Sean’s Place, Jake. Was so brave and shared his story on the night with everyone! He is an inspiration to all. 


Sefton brain injury survivor who is ‘beacon of hope’ nominated for national award.

David is one of our amazing volunteers at Sean’s Place. David gives so much of his free time to us and the lads adore him. 

David has been nominated for his incredible attitude and achievements since being left with life-changing injuries.

David is a finalist for a prestigious award from UK charity Headway – the brain injury association. David also volunteers at Headway where he does amazing work with all the people there.

We are so proud of your David!

Please find the full article here.


Get Involved!

Do you want to have more confidence this year, meet new friends and have a positive routine? We have lots of free activities and groups available to learn a new skill, start a new hobby or simply have a coffee with likeminded men.
As well as our therapy service we also have lots of informal, fun programmes available!

We have lots of free activities and groups available to learn a new skill, start a new hobby or simply have a coffee with likeminded men.
Why not join us for our fishing group, fitness classes, yoga, mindfulness, gardening group, training courses or cookery classes?
If you would like more information about how you can get involved, please get in touch using our contact info below…

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