Meditation and Mindfulness

Our sessions are delivered online to allow members to relax and unwind from the comfort of their own homes. Using the platform Zoom we deliver a 1 hour session with our coach Charalene each Thursday evening who provides a gentle mix of chair based yoga/meditation and mindfulness.

Meditation is a fantastic practice to implement into your busy schedule. According to recent studies, meditation helps to manage mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. It’s also proven to improve sleep and better manage a multitude of psychological conditions. Here at Sean’s Place, we’re always looking into new initiatives that can help men and their mental health. Meditation is the latest that is backed up by science.

Different types of meditation

One of the most commonly used types of meditation is mindfulness meditation. The purpose of mindfulness meditation is to simply observe your thoughts as they pass through almost as if you’re watching from a third party. Removing all thoughts is impossible but taking a step back and beginning to detach ourselves from them is possible with practice. This practice takes time but our professional coach will be there for you every step of the way to encourage the practice and accountability.

Other meditation practices include:

  • Focused meditation – This type of meditation allows you to focus on your senses. For example, something you can smell or hear. You keep the focus and watch for your mind wondering then simply bring your attention back to the focus.
  • Breath meditation – This is where you focus on slowly inhaling and exhaling whilst focusing on your breath. Again, once your mind starts to wonder, you simply bring your attention back to the flow of your breath.
  • Mantra meditation – This is where you internally repeat a word or phrase that’s meaningful to you. The aim is to focus on this phrase throughout the meditation and bring your mind back to it when focus starts to wander.

Here at Sean’s Place, we want you to feel comfortable in any activity or meditation practice you choose. Our coach will speak with you about your individual preferences and come up with a personalised plan for your well-being.

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At Sean’s Place, our aim is to improve mental health and well-being through sessions specifically identified to improve confidence and self-esteem whilst reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety. Meditation is just one the activities that are proven to help men struggling with mental health. Meditation takes times and the goal is not to reduce all thoughts. However, with the help of our coach, we can help you quieten your mind. Get in touch with us today by using our online contact form.