At Sean’s Place we love to hear what our members think about the service we provide so that we can continue to improve what we do and make Sean’s Place, your place.


We work hard to ensure when you come to Sean’s Place you have a positive experience and we are able to adapt our timetable around the needs and interests of our members from the feedback we receive,


Trying something new can be a daunting task, we understand that walking through the door for the first time will not be easy but we hope by hearing from the people who have been there themselves and what they thought about it will make those first steps a little easier to do. 


 Here are some testimonials from people who have accessed our support and what they thought about it. 




“Difficult to put what I saw today into words. It’s a magical place and it feels surreal to be to be part of it – I am so proud to have been part of it today and the difference it made to that guy in just a matter of an hour or two is testament to what you’ve put together. Cannot wait to see what’s to come – impact this could have on so many peoples’ lives is incredible.”

“This service forms a vital part of the lives of so many men and their families within Sefton, Merseyside, with the hope of expanding further afield, helping not only these men but their families too,In an area that needs something more than clinical services,  Sean’s Place is the perfect link needed. Born from real experience and a ‘lived knowledge’ of what is truly required, Debbie has already created a valuable and invaluable service for the numerous men already involved, and their families”

Couldn’t have imagined it to be this brilliant.

I am a support worker and I get to see first hand the difference and joy Seans place bring to people from dropping boxes of ingredient’s off to cook things or face timing them for a chat to see how they are doing, they are absolute superstars

As a man there is no ‘safe’ place out there where you can just say it as it is. Until Sean’s Place!

It’s a lovely warm place and gets me out meeting new people, there is always something new to learn.

“They are doing amazing work with men who might not access support anywhere else. It is so vital in our community with different groups for all ages, abilities & genders. The passion shines through from Debbie & her team & they should be so proud of themselves, Sean will be. Services like this are save lives, if it has helped one person it is a success & i guarantee it has helped hundreds. It’s helped me as a wife knowing other families won’t suffer like mine has because they are getting support.”

“Debbie and her team work around the clock organising loads of fantastic workshops or just checking in to make sure everyone is OK . During Covid Debbie has organised hampers for members containing food, recipes, thoughtful letters from other members of Sean’s Place, & lots more. Then delivered them all over the north west making sure members who are in isolation have everything they need. Their kindness knows no bounds & that’s why Sean’s Place has become the heart of our city”

What they have done for our community is amazing! Waiting list for help for people who have mental health is far too long The time and care they put into running Sean’s place is fantastic!! All the people who have attended have said it helps just to have someone to talk to just helps!

The team makes sure they keep in contact with members by ringing them sending whattsapp messages on a group they set up. They also makes sure that members get any shopping or medication delivered to there door

“I am a Mental Health Support Worker in Bootle, one of our service users has been using Sean’s Place for some time now- you have managed to turn his life around and we can’t thank you enough”

“Sean’s Place is absolutely amazing, Warm, friendly, supportive and non judgemental. Men’s mental health support at its best.”

My best friend son has been helped by Sean’s Place. He has just completed a half marathon and is back on track and inspiring us all every day

I submitted a referral for a gentleman a few weeks ago, a big thank you to Sean’s Place as he is making great progress. Your support is invaluable and under the current circumstances is very much needed. I will definitley be reccomendng your service to other men who need it.

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If you would like to download and complete a referral form, please email it to info@seansplace.org.uk, alternativley please send us a message via our Contact Us page 

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