500k bike ride in 48 hours FOR sean

Our riders did it!!

Tony, Mattie, Luke, Sunil, Tom, Jimmy, Jay, Liam and Macca all endured 47 hours of intense pressure as they rode through the night and day in a heatwave all to raise as much money as possible for Sean’s Place on the 2nd anniversary since we sadly lost Sean.

The Ride

Our team left Sean’s home in Halewood at 6pm on Friday evening and arrived 15 hours later in Cardigan Bay, stopping off briefly at Bala on the way. They slept for a few small hours once they arrived at the camp site before heading off again around 2am to make it back to Liverpool in time to complete the challenge. They endured sun stroke due to the extreme heatwave and  pain like no other as they faced the Welsh hills (Mach Loop was one of the worst). However, they pushed through, supported each other and made it home safely in under the 48 hour mark

Our team have trained since January for this event, taking part in gruelling hill climbs, training with elite riding clubs and long distance training all to condition and prepare themselves for this mammoth event

The riders returned back to Liverpool to celebrations with family and friends and a hero’s welcome return party. We are incredibly proud of what they have achieved personally and also for the awareness and money they raised for Sean’s Place which has now reached over £5000.

Amongst the riders were some of our amazing mentors and also some former members who have accessed Sean’s Place for support. Jay told us this before the ride..

“It’s been some journey over the past few months, physically and mentally. Tomorrow is going to be the biggest challenge Yet. It’s the day we finally ride 500km in 48 hours for Seans Place and to be honest I’m absolutely * myself 😂 but I couldn’t have asked for a better team to do it with. Going to be plenty of ups and downs along the way but either way we will be doing it together and nothing is going to stop us.
Just over 8 months ago I was suicidal, struggling to cope with my mental health and wanted to end my life as I knew it. Now I am the happiest I have been in a very very long time. I still have my bad days of course but I’m fighting each and everyday for a better life and that wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for Seans Place
This ride means so much to me and I’d appreciate it so much if you can all donate to this wonderful charity


Thank you

We have so many people to thank for making this event possible and for keeping our riders safe including the below:

The Mobile Bike Mechanix- they kept our riders safe, watered, motivated and on the road the whole way through the ride, donating their time for free. They are incredible

Our support team- Sam, Mike, Joe and Paul who set up camp for the lads to sleep on arrival, provided and cooked food for the riders and kept them motivated along the route

The Black Horse Pub- They provided the celebrations on return including food, music and party pieces, they have also raised over £1000 through fundraising and events

Those who donated and helped us to reach our £5000 target

Our Ride Sponsors who donated £2000 to purchase uniforms, safety equipment, food and supplies.

Excel Vent, Easigrass, The Carpenter Group and SolidTek

Last but not least

Thank you to our riders who have been phenomenal in training, supporting each other and putting their bodies and minds through this challenge. Well done!!!!

Link to donate:

Crowdfunding to increase our capacity to support more men across Liverpool with their mental health and to ultimately prevent suicide. on JustGiving

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