Hi everyone,
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Hi everyone,

I hope that you are all enjoying this spell of nice weather that we are having and making the most of the sunshine.
Friday was always going to be a very busy day for us as we hosted an event with our partners as part of the ‘Join The Dots’ suicide prevention tour which has been taking place across the breadth of the country for the last few weeks. This was a special event featuring our band and choir as well as some of our members taking part in a panel discussion and sharing their journeys with their mental health.
Thank you to each and every one of you who was brave enough to take to the stage and either perform or talk to the audience.
However, as we prepared for the evening we received some very sad news, that one of our longest members of the service, our lovely John Mac had passed away following illness in hospital.
John was an absolutely lovely man with a heart of gold who became part of the furniture at Sean’s Place and was a friend to so, so many of our members. John supported Debbie as she built and grew Sean’s Place and their friendship meant the world to Debbie and to John.
So many of the guys were devastated at the loss of John and when they took to the stage on Friday night, they were doing so in John’s memory despite being heartbroken by the news they had received of their friends passing.,
The members of Sean’s Band who were friends of John’s showed even more bravery and courage by performing again on Sunday morning at the Arts Bar in Hope Street as part of the closing day of the suicide prevention tour and we couldn’t be prouder of their bravery and composure despite feeling sad and shocked-well done to all of you!
If you are a friend of John’s and struggling with this loss, then please reach out to us ….we are all hurting too but as our motto says, we are ‘In This Together’.
Sleep tight John, we will all miss you so very much x
On this note, I will keep this newsletter short and just remind everyone to take care of yourselves and of one another.
Take care