If you are a member of our service, below is all the information you will need about our upcoming activities and programmes including our timetable for next week.

Hello everyone. We hope that everybody is keeping well.

If you have been in the centre this week you may have seen that we have been inundated with deliveries and the team have been very busy in our sports hall area. This is because we have received funding from the LFC Foundation to improve our stage and events space so we can offer more opportunities in the centre for our members.

We have been improving the stage area including getting new light and sound systems installed, a new projector and screen so we can host movie nights and new chairs, tables and covers etc. This means that we can host a wider variety of events and experiences for our members and the wider community who may want to visit us and see all the lovely things that happen here.

We would like to give a massive shoutout to a few people…firstly the LFC Foundation for their support with this project, to Jourdan at Iconic Inflatables who has up until now provided us with lots of equipment for events for FREE and to our members who have helped us this week with unpacking, building flatpack furniture, laying a new stage floor, recycling all of the packaging….the list goes on and on…thank you all!!

We still have a few things on the way to us but we are very excited to put the room together and we will be sure to share photos on social media so watch this space!!

We would also like to thank members who have been busy over the last few days organising our outdoor area at the front of the building. You may notice that the trees at the front of the building have been taken down. Unfortunately these trees were rotten and could have become unstable in bad weather so these have now been chopped, chipped and the lads have been busy distributing the chippings around our garden area-thanks guys!!



Sean’s Place Rocks is our live music night which is next Thursday (7th March) at 6.30 pm. Tickets have now SOLD OUT….if you have missed out on a ticket then please let us know and we will pop you on a list for any cancellations on a first come, first served basis. 

If you have a ticket but cannot attend then please let us know so we can offer these to anybody waiting on a ticket, and if you have a ticket and are attending, I will be sending out an email next week containing some timings and general housekeeping.

We cannot wait to see lots of you there!!



Please accept our apologies that CGL were not able to attend the centre last week. They had some staffing issues that couldn’t be overcome. However, we have been told that Kate and Raf from the service will be attending Mondays Coffee and Connect, so if you would like to discuss any issues around drugs or alcohol support for yourself or somebody you know, then you are welcome to grab one of them for a chat.



As I mentioned last week, throughout March I will be asking members to carry out short surveys around our social support at Sean’s Place to help us shape our offer and to demonstrate to funders all of the lovely things that happen at Sean’s Place.

Following this, we will be rolling out a separate survey around safe prescribing. Debbie has been working hard with other agencies to look at how medication is prescribed to help people with mental health difficulties and the information that is given at the point of prescribing. This is a really important study and the more input we receive the better, as this will hopefully shape local medical services in Sefton and Liverpool.

We hope that lots of you will support us with gathering information!



We have recently met with reps from the Starting Well project project. The group welcomes parents through all stages from conception, through to aged 5 as well as bereaved parents too.

There is a Stay and Play group, Pop Cats, Dads Clubs, days out and creative writing and poetry workshops in which attendees can get involved in all for free.

Groups predominantly run from our Peoples Hub on Spellow Lane. I have attached more information to this email if you would like to know more!


Over the coming weeks and months, Sean’s Place will be launching our very own podcast!!

This is going to be a regular podcast which will have stories, chats and interviews with members, staff members, special guests and anybody who would like to get involved. Our podcasts will cover anything from self care to art, to gardening, to mindfulness…the list is endless.

But we would really love to hear from you, our members, about what you may be interested in listening to, or being part of.

Would you like to share your journey?

Do you have a special skill or hobby that you would like to sharte/

Do you have funny or special memories of Sean’s Place?

Are you a tech whizz that would like to help to produce the podcast?

We would also like to come up with a catchy name for our podcast and would love to get some ideas from members so please send them my way! Also, if you are interested in taking part in any way, then please drop me an email on



Here is a whistle stop tour of some of the things coming up at Sean’s Place in March….plus more!!

Sean’s Place Rocks 

Angling Club New Wave 

Movie Night 

Quiz Night 

Spring Equinox Campfire 

New Level 1 NCFE Courses Launch 

Hairy Hikers Launch 

We will update you all on events as they approach but we are very much looking forward to a full and busy month ahead!



Friday 1st March 2024-Today is Self Injury Awareness Day. 

Self injury is extremely common and many of us will know somebody who does or has self harmed. If you know somebody who struggles with this, today can act as a little reminder to check in with that person and see how they are and maybe just have a catch up. 



 The Jury: Murder Trial. This is a really interesting social experiment in which two juries reach a verdict on a reenacted genuine murder case. It is an interesting watch seeing how people’s own lived experiences affect their perception of those involved in the crime.

 Bob Marley: One Love. I haven’t been to see this myself as of yet but my son is a big Bob Marley fan and said that this film was absolutely fantastic if you fancy a trip to the cinema.

 The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: This is a captivating story of corruption surrounding one of Sweden’s wealthiest families. This is a book that will definitely have you gripped!


And finally, here is what’s on next week.